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About Mada

We believe getting dressed should be easy. Life is tough, but finding an outfit you love shouldn't be. 

 That's why we created Mada — your soon-to-be favorite closet to raid, fashionable best friend, and go-to guru for all matters of style. Not sure what to wear to that big interview? You build the resumé, and Mada will build the outfit. First date next weekend? Relax. Mada's got you covered.

 Our application was founded on the power of individuality. Mada’s purpose is rooted in diverse styles and outlooks, and our goal is to present clients with the widest array of fashion options possible, tailored to fit their specific needs and preferences. 

 Mada recommends the outfits — all you have to do is swipe left or right. You have the power to select and customize the wardrobe of your dreams, so it can go from your phone to your closet in a heartbeat. 

 Because you are your own best stylist, whether or not you know it yet. Mada helps you recognize, hone, and awaken that stylist — the one that already lives within you. 

Our Values

Be Empowered

At Mada, you have the power to swipe left or right. We designed it that way. Be empowered to choose your own best outfits and live your own best life with the support of Mada by your side.

Be Confident

Mada wants you to rest assured that your outfit is perfect for you and perfectly you. We want to end the morning (and evening) outfit struggle for good, and help you walk out the door looking and feeling confident.

Be Chic

In the words of Coco Chanel: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same." Mada's goal is to help you harness and awaken your inner stylist, so you can embody your own customized version of chic.

Mada Team

Madison Semarjian

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jack Kusner

Strategic Advisor, VP Sales at Smarter HQ

Ingrid Milman

Strategic Advisor, Head of Digital at ELF Cosmetics

Victor Lee

Strategic Advisor, CMO of RXBAR

Melina Glusac

Digital Producer