Your A.I. Personal Stylist

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Step 1

Tell Mada a little about yourself . . .

Sneakers or heels? Dogs or cats? Long walks on the beach or dinner and a movie? Your shopping experience on Mada is completely taste-driven.


Step 2

...and Mada listens to you.

Swipe right to love – and left to leave – looks pulled from Mada’s closet to fit your style preferences.


Step 3

Love what you see and make it your own.

Experience the ease of #PhoneToCloset fashion by dropping your favorite items into Mada's universal shopping cart. Our personalization technology creates your dream wardrobe in just a few swipes.


Step 4

You know you. So awaken your inner stylist.

Mada empowers you to rock what your mama already gave you — including mom jeans.