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Welcome to Mada!

5 Nov 2019

By Melina Glusac

Credit: Andrew Piccione for Mada

Welcome to Mada!

You’re here. And we’re so, so happy about it. 

We want to take this moment to make an introduction, of sorts. But not how you think introductions should be — no awkward icebreakers or inquiries about zodiac signs (though, if you must know, it’s Sagittarius). 

We actually want to start with a birth. 

Boston, 2017, Fall: A class project of then-Boston College student Madison Semarjian struck a chord that, little did she know, was waiting to be struck. Madison — a journalist, entrepreneur, and fashion lover — had a thought: 

‘We swipe right and left on our romantic prospects, so why not our clothes?’

And so, Mada was born. For almost two years, the Mada team has worked tirelessly to bring our glamorous app to life. We’re beyond thrilled that you’ll be able to experience our revolutionary mobile shopping experience soon.

Though we could ramble on and on about the logistics, Mada is ultimately defined by one thing: you. And that’s the birth we want to talk about. 

You are Mada’s bread and butter. Her lifeblood. Her perfect swipe of red lipstick. She wants to know about you as much as you want to know about her. 

Because Mada is sure of one thing: the fact that, in all of us, there is a personal stylist waiting to be awakened. In all of us, there is a gut instinct about the clothes we want to put on our bodies. You either love that angora sweater or you hate it. You mentally swipe right or left. It’s Mada’s mission to help you hone that process — and in the process of doing that, hone the ability to style yourself to perfection.

Think of us as that one friend you want to take shopping with you. Except you never have to leave the house, because we’re on your phone. Just a click away. Style that is entirely your own, in a swipe. 

So, let’s start swiping. 

xx, Mada

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