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The top 3 investment pieces worth the splurge right now

6 Aug 2020

Splurge-worthy garments

By Melina Glusac

Online shopping is a tricky landscape to navigate during these hectic, uncertain times. The ultimate dilemma persists: What do I want vs. need, and how do I reconcile the two without feeling guilty in some way? 

Mada is here to guide you through it. A good way to approach fashion-meets-practicality right now is to decide what’s worth the financial investment and what you can put on hold for later.

When looking at an expensive garment, try to imagine yourself wearing it. Then, try to imagine yourself wearing it again, but in a completely different way. Do that again, and again. If the exercise proves to be a difficult one, you’re most likely dealing with a stylistic one-hit wonder — and (let’s face it) that’s just not a realistic option these days.

Quality is everything when it comes to avoiding a one-hit wonder purchase. Look at the material of the piece as well as its construction, shaping, and brand. Is the fabric durable and/or high-quality? Does it feel sturdy or flimsy? Will its silhouette/cut go out of style quickly? 

Consider the above a “classics-only” approach to investment pieces. For the upcoming cooler seasons, Mada recommends checking out these three timeless items (all available on The Mada App) we’re certain you’ll get a ton of use out of for years to come. 

And longevity is worth every penny.

1. A good wool coat 

Outerwear is often overlooked, but it is, arguably, the most important component of your closet. Think of it as what the world sees first when you step out the door every morning; for that reason alone, it has to be good. 

It also has to be compatible with almost everything else (outfits, accessories, etc.) in your closet, which is why it never fails to “go classic” with your coat. Wool can be pricey, but it’s a textile that has endured the test of time — it’ll always be fashionable, and it’ll get you through fall, winter, and the cooler parts of spring. 

A wool coat is totally splurge-worthy. Look for clean-cut lines, a standard collar, and a chic-yet-sturdy button situation. 


2. A good pair of jeans 

This one speaks for itself. 

We live our life in jeans, and we all know the power one feels when the right pair is (finally) found. Jeans are also season-less and last a long time, which is why splurging on them is never a waste — especially if you find a brand, fit, or style that suits you well.

Pro-tip: Pick a wash or color that will work with many different outfits that already exist in your wardrobe. When in doubt, stick to standard blue or black.

Some of our favorite upscale brands that are worth the hype: MOTHER, SLVRLAKE, Khaite, Rachel Comey.


3. A classic cashmere sweater

There’s nothing that says luxury quite like cashmere. The plush material is unbelievably soft, comfortable, and forever-classy.

Your wardrobe and wallet will not regret the addition of the perfect cashmere sweater. It’ll carry you through fall, winter, and spring, and it can be layered & styled in limitless ways: from Zoom calls to the date-night dinner table.

Again, look for classic cashmere: Simple v-neck or crew-neck style sweaters with a standard fit (not too oversized, not too tight) and long sleeves. And make sure the color is one that you’ll be willing to wear for a long time — one that can adapt to the changes your closet, personal style, and life will inevitably endure. Cashmere (and Mada) will get you through it.


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