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Our desired fall aesthetic is "university-chic"

6 Aug 2020

Academic Fashion

By Melina Glusac

We're always looking for new sources of inspiration here at Mada — and like you, our tastes change with the seasons.

This particularly colorful fall, we've got our finger to the pulse of the latest aspirational aesthetic: university-chic.

It's also known as "dark academia" on the TikTok and Pinterest spheres, but Mada has decided to lighten up & alter it ever-so-slightly to fit our own unique brand. "University-chic" is exactly what you think it is: sweater vests, loafers, cable-knit jumpers, crisp collars and warm plaid prints. If you can picture yourself running to your next class at Cambridge University in it, textbooks in hand, fall foliage surrounding you, then it's university-chic.

"Academic" dressing is a great approach to fall fashion. Even adding a few university-chic items to your wardrobe can instantly sharpen and update it this season.

Try out the trend! Here are some of our favorite university-chic must-haves, all available for purchase on Mada. Use our search feature to find them on the app + add to cart. Textbooks sold separately.

Sweater vest:

Sandro Women's Logo Print Sweater Vest ($220)


Plaid blazer:

BB Dakota Women's Plaid Boyfriend Blazer ($99)



Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers ($130)



Urban Outfitters Women's Plaid High-Waisted Puddle Pants ($64)



Lacoste Wool Turtleneck Sweater ($175)


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