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New Year

Mada's 20 for '20

15 Jan 2020

Mada's 20 Must-Have Accessories for 2020.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” - Coco Chanel

People toss around the phrase “New Year, New Me!” quite a bit in January. A new lease on life seems to come with the territory around this time of year — after all, the potential of a clean slate, a brand new decade, is almost dizzyingly enchanting. And the possibilities? Well, those are endless. 

Mada amendment: the fashion possibilities are endless.


Looking at the next 10 or so years, it’s hard to predict exactly what will happen in the world of fashion. So, instead of revamping your entire wardrobe in 2020, Mada encourages all to embrace this time with a poised restraint. Don’t make any sudden movements (at least right now). Try stretching out a bit first. You already know what we're talking about: accessories.

As Ms. Chanel so deftly pointed out, accessories can directly affect an outfit, for better or worse. In fact, one could argue they make or break it. These little adornments are so crucial, in fact, that Chanel thought one ought to be removed before leaving the house to avoid looking "overdone." That was back in the 20th century.

Ms. Mada, on the other hand, has hand-picked a bundle of au courant accessories that you'll be pining to try in 2020. From black statement headbands to zebra print bags, geometric earrings to eco-friendly sneakers, these 20 additions are trendy, tasteful, and just a bit courageous. After all, isn't now the time to try new things? "New year, New purse!", if you will. Our 20 for ‘20 list will encourage you to step outside the box; to pursue boldness on your ears, shoulders, necks, and even atop your head.

So sorry, Coco. We’re adding at least one of these accessories before we walk outside the door and into the new decade.

Here is Mada's 20 for '20 (links to all products pictured provided below):


1. The sleek, everyday bag

This chocolate leather one from Staud will make your mouth drool. A stylish, sleek bag to go with any and every look you conjure up for every day is always in style.

2. The statement earrings

The shimmery gold Stella + Ruby ones you see above even come in three different, bold colors.

Pro tip: If you're feeling particularly lazy while prepping for a night on the town, slick your hair back into a bun and throw on some statement earrings. It's an easy way to look instantly elegant. You're welcome.

3. The new Ugg slipper

This slipper is cozy, colorful realness. Relaxation, but make it fashion. Need we say more?

4. The layering of necklaces

Thin, layered gold (or even silver!) necklaces are going nowhere in 2020. This trend endures simply because it is effortlessly chic.

5. The preppy black headband

Blair Waldorf-meets-Renaissance painting. Thick black headbands are very "now," and they're a great way to tidy up any 2020 look. This one from BaubleBar has a little somethin' extra.

6. The tres chic beret

To reiterate: France. The French know what they're doing when it comes to fashion, so why not adopt one of their most recognizable contributions to the accessories canon? Berets are making it into 2020, and for good reason.

To mix it up, try this pearl-studded one from Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise.


7. The animal print bag

Like we said, boldness is back in 2020. A great, low-risk way to take risks (irony intended) is to go bold with your bags. This square zebra bag from Staud is stunning, and the perfect topper for a monochrome outfit.

8. The geometric earring

Take statement earrings a step further by donning ones with a definite shape. The bigger the rectangle the better.

9. The eco-friendly sneaker

It's always chic to care about the environment. Do your part in helping the planet and staying fashionable in Veja sneakers, which are made from recycled fabric and Amazonian rubber. (They're also one of Meghan Markle's faves!)

10. The statement hair ribbon

The bigger the better. Experiment with colors, silks — any and all ribbons you can tie to your pony will make it exponentially trendier. Start out with this one from L. Erickson.


11. The minimalist, monochrome bag

Pair this Topshop bag with an all-blue ensemble to step up your trend game. Monochrome looks are everything in 2020.

12. The casual-cool beanie

Hats are the first thing people see when they look at your outfit, so make sure you have a good one handy this winter. The more casual it is, the cooler it is, like this Patagonia one.

13. The vibrant bracelets

Color? On your wrists? You heard us right. Stack a series of colorful bracelets for a fun, homemade cuff.

14. The early aughts barrettes

In case you haven't heard, early 2000's fashion is back. With a vengeance. (There's even talk of low-rise jeans coming back, but you didn't hear it from us.) An easy, edgy way to fuse this nostalgia into your wardrobe is with barrettes. Stack them for added effect.


15. The textured clutch

Any sort of jeweled, textured bag is glamorous in 2020. Diamonds are, after all, forever. Try this sparkly one from Topshop (pictured above), or its fuzzy counterpart.

16. The bold brooch

Sadly, brooches did not make the cut from the years 2010-2019. But in 2020, anything goes, and these crested adornments are slowly making their way back into the mainstream.

Pin this one to your blazer's lapel, or (if you're really going for it) to the front of your beret. Brooches 2020.

17. The 1970's sunglasses

Like layered necklaces, the big, thin-rimmed sunglasses of the 1970s endure. Thank goodness, because we love them.


18 & 19. The matching necklace & earrings set

In the vein of the monochrome trend, matching accessories will be huge in 2020. (They were all over the Golden Globes red carpet.) Try this Kendra Scott silver set of drop earrings and a matching necklace to look tidy and on-trend.

20. The cowboy boots

Yee — and we cannot emphasize this enough — haw.

Photography and art by Hannah Finotti.

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