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How to find your perfect holiday outfit (#PHO) this season

13 Dec 2019

By Melina Glusac

PH: Pexel


It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love … with the idea of a perfect holiday outfit.

Let’s face it: scouting the streets, malls, and every last corner of the internet for the perfect holiday outfit (#PHO) can be even more exhausting than shimmying down a chimney. Sorry, Santa.

Where does one even begin? There are so many different fashion routes to take: formal, kitschy, dressy-but-not-too-dressy, or (conversely) endless flannel. Figuring out the “vibe” you’re going for is half the battle — then it’s on to the individual pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes, and, finally, the holiday festivities themselves. It’s enough to make your head spin. Can someone pass the eggnog?

Soon, Mada will be able to solve all of these problems, holiday or no holiday. Our revolutionary app will be able to bring you any look you want, for any occasion — from your phone to your closet, all in a swipe. 

But until then, we’ve compiled a list of broad, universal truths (golden rules, if you will) to assist you in your hunt for the #PHO. 

Even if you have no idea where to begin, these tips will point you in the right direction.

Rule #1: Glitter. Here, there, and everywhere. 

Nothing says “home for the holidays” like a little glitter. There’s something about the way it shines that mirrors the magic in the air — whenever you see it sparkle, you automatically think “festive.” 

Luckily, glittery clothes and accessories are everywhere during the holidays. Actually, it’s hard to get through this time of year without taking a bath in glitter, so why not do it intentionally? Whether you’re opting for a plain outfit with subtle glitter accents, or a full-blown silver sequin moment, adding sparkle to your look is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.


Rule #2: Steal Santa’s hat. Or any hat, really.

Holidays = OMG, the temps are lowering. So, what better excuse to break out the headwear you’ve been longing to take for a spin all year?

Berets, beanies, relaxed cowboy hats, even statement bows — now is the time to take risks on your head. You can tell everyone it’s to protect against the snow, but deep down you know it’s for #fashion. Don’t worry — Mada’s right there with you. We won't tell anyone.

Rule #3: Get your boots on!

Boots! The quintessential sign that the seasons have, indeed, changed, and your wardrobe has finally shifted along with them. This winter season, tall boots are especially en vogue — slouchy tall boots, over-the-knee boots, and Sharon-Tate-esque white boots. Any and all boots (or booties!) will immediately give your outfit a wintery touch. 

And for extra pizzazz, try on some shearling or fur-trimmed boots for size. Combat boots are the even edgier option, and you can never go wrong with those of the Dr. Martens or Frye variety. ‘Tis the season to really go for it.


Rule #4: Festive colors are a can’t-miss.

When worse comes to worst, and a #PHO feels as far away as the North Pole, go for some trusted colors. Deep red, forest green, and vibrant jewel tones are always in-tune to the ebullience of the holiday season. 

And when it comes to dressing up in general, black is your best friend. It’s timeless, classic, and forever in style, in all of its forms. So pull out your #LBD for the office party and cast away those doubts.

Rule #5: Shock your family members and try out a new trend.

If you want to be edgy and cool for the holidays, don’t be afraid to hop on the trend train and try something new. Poofy statement sleeves (a la Cecilie Bahnsen) are all the rage right now, as are chunky black headbands. Yes, maximalism is back, and yes, Blair Waldorf is super stoked about it.

But if you’re feeling a little uneasy about the boldness, try to stick to one trend at a time. This is a trusted way to ensure you’re not overdoing it — and it also takes half the stress away from getting dressed.

Rule #6: Call AAA if you get caught in the snow. No, not that one. Fashion’s Triple-A: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


When in doubt, accessorize with jewelry that evokes the holiday you're celebrating. This is the easiest (and most subtle) way to elevate your look, as well as make it distinctively more holiday-like.

Add some crazy shiny earrings from BaubleBar, or a chunky gemstone cuff; a matching set of rings, or a rose gold watch for a modern, preppy look. When it comes to the vibe you want to bring to your #PHO, introduce it through your accessories. 

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