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10 Ways To Dress Like a Baddie

14 Jan 2021

Baddie Fashion

By Amanda Tenzlinger

It's finally 2021! You're ready to take on the new year with a determined mindset and being a baddie is on your bucket list.

Part of being a baddie comes from within, but the outfits you wear can also help boost your confidence. From sherpa hats to leather pants, Mada has just about everything you're looking for. Let's take a look at the following trends that you should keep an eye out for this winter.

1. Sherpa hats


Bringing back the iconic bucket hat trend, this hat combines both comfort and style! For the ultimate cozy outfit, trying pairing it with chunky boots and a corduroy jacket.

2. Sunglasses with yellow lenses


Colored lenses were very popular in summer 2020, and clearly they are here to stay! For a pop of color, try adding yellow lens sunglasses with your all black look.

3. Leather pants and jackets


Leather jackets have always been a staple piece in almost everyone's wardrobes; however, leather pants have only recently become more common. Try styling them together with a black turtleneck for an edgy elevated casual look.

4. Animal prints


Outfits with animal prints, especially zebra and leopard, have been absolutely killing it this past season! To easily incorporate these crazy patterns into your outfits, focus on accessorizing with shoulder bags, shoes, and jewelry.

5. Shearling moto jackets


Shearling moto jackets are great if you want a trendy go-to piece but don't want to go too far out of your comfort zone. These faux leather jackets can spice up any plain outfit!

6. Blazers


As more women are trading their dresses for suits, it's no surprise that blazers are trending. For a more put-together look, try wearing it with a pair of loafers. If you're feeling even more risky, blazers with sweatsuits are the perfect casual yet professional combination.

7. Brown shades


You've definitely caught yourself wearing beige, chestnut, or khaki these past few months. Outfits with shades of brown are no longer just a fall trend and we're not mad about it!

8. Corduroy pants


Jeans can get boring, so why not make make them more fun? Try replacing your classic pair with corduroy pants instead! Following the popular brown shades trend, you can also find them in other colors like navy, dark green, and burgundy!

9. Corset tops


Corset tops make any outfit sexy and fun. You can experiment by pairing these tops with different jeans, heels, and blazers. Let's make lingerie fashionable!

10. Flared yoga pants


Yoga pants aren't only or when you exercise! Inspired by the stylish Depop aesthetic, try pairing them with Dr. Martens and a cropped sweater.

Want to play around with a few more baddie trends? Incorporate floral prints, layering with a sweater vest, and pastel colors into your wardrobe!

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